Digital Eyewear Dispensing Becoming Basic

Essentially, a digital video centration system performs the basic measurements, such as pupillary distance, segment height for progressive lenses, vertex distance, panoramic angle, and pantoscopic tilt. A digital photo function is also included for capturing how the consumer looks wearing the spectacles.

While the refraction position is the matching of the prescription with the consumers’ visual needs, the visuReal system provides a set of measurements that allow the laboratory to make alterations to the lens design to match the consumer’s prescription needs for maximizing visual quality.

The main benefits of a visuReal system are that precision and accuracy are enhanced, as it takes more precise readings as compared to the traditional method, minimizing human error.

Practitioners who think they can rely on existing skill sets will see themselves losing competitive advantage over the years when consumers stop coming back as they are not keeping up with the current technology.

What’s new?

visuReal Master software versions

visuReal Master version 1.4



2020 – 01 – 21

  • Boxing System for Measurement Cursor Positioning
  • Tutorial
  • Turn-OFF Function
  • Ready Status Display
  • General Improvement and Operational Reliability

visuReal Master version 1.3.14



2020 – 05 – 05

  • Graphical illustration of the measurement results
  • Calculation of the head rotation correction
  • Automatic updates via Auto Updater feature
  • Frame edge optimisation and therefor improvement of measurement result accuracy
  • Automatic WLAN-channel optimisation of the internal 2.4GHz-Master hotspots
  • General improvement of operational reliability

visuReal Master version 1.1.21



2019 – 11 – 26

  • New measurement method for BVD and FFA
  • Magnifying glass view for an easier positioning of the measurement cursors
  • New „inSession“ feature for the data transfer to HoyaiLog

visuReal Master version 1.0.13



2019 – 10 – 19

  • Performance improvement
  • Stabilization of functionality
  • Several translation amendments
  • Improved display of software buttons on the site „measurements of the last 48 hours

visuReal Master version 1.0.6



2019 – 08 – 15

  • Improved automatic detection of the boxing parameters
  • Improved manual readjustment through automatic calibration
  • Improved iris and pupil cursor display
  • General improvement of operational reliability

visuReal Master B2B interface

Soon working with any PMS application

Because connectivity is crucial in a digitalized workplace.
The #visuReal Master B2B interface app will be a powerful software advancement and a function that is designed to efficiently transfer your customer’s eyeglasses measurements data with any Practice Management Software (PMS) application or database using industry standards.
It will easily and quickly automate data flows and connect your visuReal Master device to external applications while maintaining a simple interaction to view information, correct errors, and resubmit data if needed.
Coming soon, stay tuned!