Company Profil

The company visuSolution GmbH started on 01 July 2016 as a strong partner for ophthalmic measurement instruments and electronic reading aids.

With our credo of realizing ideas for better vision we started as a young team of 22 cooperating with competent sales partners in Germany and abroad. Our products concentrate on two subjects:

  • Digital Video CentrationUsers are ophthalmic opticians that want to provide their customers best vision within a short time.
  • Low VisionUsers are visually impaired people between 6 and 99 years old placing great value in smart solutions for school, office or daily life, no matter if being on the road or at home.

„We are convinced that our products are of real benefit across the generations and are steadily working with the aim of bringing optimal sight to as many people as possible.“ That means:

  • in terms of digital centration, that our customers can provide really good conditions for wearing progressive lenses by receiving precise values with our visuReal® systems.
  • and in terms of our low vision customers, that they get customized “Learning mates” for almost any and every need or situation. Here, our visuPlus® is equipped with unique and great options for magnification, increasing contrast and read-aloud function.

As a young company we have close cooperation with the company Ollendorf Mess-Systeme, whose video centration technology was path breaking. Its value has been positively influenced by the close cooperation with the successful and renowned lens manufacturer HOYA.

The brand visuReal® implies tradition and knowledge and has been established worldwide.