visuReal portable

More than a space saver

Do you have only little space for a good centration system? No problem. Our visuReal portable is not only a space saver. It can do much more. By means of an iPad cover, optics attachment, measurement temple and a suitable app, your iPad turns into a small and mobile video centration system. The smaller it’s design the greater is its storage capacity since the app is working cloud-based.

visuReal portable Video

Using visuReal portable you will benefit from

easy and secure operation thanks to the automatic release of the measurement image

time saving operation thanks to the automatic detection of the centration parameters

precise lens ordering with lens diameter determination

determination of the individual convergence with the varioInset module

data management via cloud, no local storage capacity limit

Technical Data

  • Compatible with 10 inch iPads and iOs 14 or 13
  • Optics attachment with 4x optical zoom


Do you want to learn more about visuReal portable? Then please have a look at the visuReal portable FAQ-page.