visuPlus® active

Der kleine Helfer für unterwegs.

Understanding in various situations, our visuPlus® systems make it possible. They are not only a visual aid, but also makes you hear. Thus, it provides more than a bit of independency in daily life, no matter where and when.

By means of the visuPlus® software the user can:

  • digitally magnify texts, e. g. the daily newspaper
  • write, e. g. magnify and fill transfer forms
  • let read-aloud thanks to ABBYY OCR
  • configure contrast colours
  • use the internet

The operation is really easy thanks to the intuitive menu.

The device is light, mobile and portable. With a battery run of up to 9 hours and a weight of 2800g, the user is perfectly equipped for school and office. visuPlus® active combines the best of small magnifying glasses and huge screen readers and nearly fits into any pocket.

technical data:

  • enlargement up to 75 times
  • weight (standing holder): 2,2kg
  • dimensions (standing holder): 40 x 27cm
  • max. height: 24 cm
  • Tablet-PC Samsung Galaxy Note Pro
  • screen diagonal of 31cm (12,2”)
  • power supply: up to 9 hours
  • WiFi